Thursday, May 29, 2008

Still worried about my dad

Even though I don't show it in public, I am worried about my dad's condition. He has to go see the surgeon in Murray, KY tomorrow. I pray that the visit will go smoothly, and they can schedule a time for operation. For any of you that has gone through this hell, I pray for you too. That's all I can do, pray, until they take that away from me here on earth. As for his chances to recover, my dad doesn't think he will do so well, but I have faith that it will turn out better than he thinks, I know surgery has advanced over the years, so I expect him to do well under the knife.

Oh and to Chris Pirillo, your welcome for the prayers for your mom and dad. Pray for me and my family (my sister, brother and me) that our tragedy will come out better than it is so far. I hate a family member having cancer. Lost my Grandmother Freeman to cancer in 1986, I don't want to lose my dad to it. We were just getting to really know each other. Shame this web site won't let me post video on here, but at least I have a account for such things.

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