Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Dad

Is a nice guy who has been through a lot. Chemotherapy over the last year, and after it was over. He felt great for the rest of the spring and half of the summer. Then a few days ago, the bad news. His colon cancer is back, and this may be the last Christmas we will have with him. I don't mind, I will videotape every moment with him that I have, Christmas, New Years, etc. I must never forget him, or let his memory fade from the remaining siblings and niece and nephew. My life is nothing if not for him, he raised me from a small boy and encouraged me to try for the brass ring.

Please pray for us, and may God bless his moments on earth. And should ObamaCare go through, I will be probably joining him soon, because disabled and elderly will not be part of the Fourth Reich of the ObamaNation. So says Premier Barack Hussein Obama. Just make sure that someone feeds my cat if ObamaCare goes through, he gets hungry for food and affection.

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